Growth Necessity

is a necessity

Growth is a necessity for a never-ending revenue stream that allows you to make the choices you want when it's needed, take care of your colleagues and ensure the existence of your company.

Growing the wrong way

Many companies find it difficult to grow or grow in a way that does not benefit their products, services, customers or employees in the long run.

Lack of time, often as a result of wrong choices, leads to misjudgements, shifting responsibility and gives way to short-term solutions that do not lead to the desired long-term results.

Kendrix Fact Based Growth

Fact-based growth

Stop wasting time, resources and opportunities and start testing the right strategies, tactics and tools. Apply those that suit your business and let it help you make the right decisions unanimously.


of all online interactions starts with a search engine

While most of the web pages we analyse don’t even have applied the basic rules for search optimization.


of employees do not understand their company’s strategy

While a business strategy is essential for working pro-active, cooparative and with a sence of purpose.


of buyers want branded content that helps them research ideas

While 93% of brands focus their content on marketing their own products and services.

Grow with Kendrix

Our Vortex Growth System helps you consider the key components of growth: personal growth and business growth. By combining these, everyone is better able to make decisions, making your business unstoppable.

Remon Stompé
Rémon Stompé Eigenaar, Solid Performance

"Marketing is not a trick to sell people something. Kevin has made me realise that a Brand makes sure you don't need a trick anymore".

Marjolein Gelderblom
Marjolein Gelderblom Art Director, SET.ON kappers

"We have become more aware of our customers and now think and act from them instead of ourselves. The way of setting goals, both with the team and individually with the employees, provides much more input and involvement from everyone".

Adam van Buuren
Adam van Buuren Eigenaar, Snelherstel

"Kendrix really made me think about what my company stands for and why I do what I do. This has given my company its own identity. This creates a more trusting relationship with clients and more fun at work".

Steef van Schie
Steef van Schie Marketeer, Sjaak van Schie BV

"Honest and direct! He does not say what you want to hear and that provides the right feedback for you to grow".

Michelle von Oven
Michelle von Oven Eigenaresse, Bistro de Herberg

"Kevin provides new insights into our company. He opens our eyes so that we can start doing business with a different perspective. It's very refreshing, it makes us want to do business even more effectively. He helps us and our beautiful team to grow! Both personally and on a business level.

Wesley Smits
Wesley Smits Eigenaar, Smits Coatings

"When you want to do anything with unrestrained ambitions, Kevin helps you discover what you really want."

Mike van Schie
Mike van Schie Teeltspecialist, Verdamigo

"On a strategic level, Kendrix has guided and shaped Verdamigo into what it is today. Thanks to their knowledge and technique, we have developed a unique platform that wouldn't have been so well thought out and elaborated otherwise".

We are specialised in growing health related, consumer services and B2B service companies

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