Dear Business Builder,

Imagine if, without even a little extra effort, money or time, you could make twice as much revenue?

What would you do with significantly more profit? Doing more for yourself, for your staff.... It enables you to make the choices you want and to act instead of react.... Working less overtime and enjoying more of everything you’ve worked so hard for.

So ask yourself... by now, are you done spending money on useless campaigns, trying the latest tricks and constantly changing focus? Then stop listening to so-called ‘gurus’ and ‘experts’ and take control of your business and yourself.

No more stress and frustration. No more guessing and trying, just a strong and proven foundation, based on facts and not someone’s feeling. Being able to expand this yourself and take your business to the next level.

Even if you think now that this will not work for your business, you will be surprised. Anyone can apply these techniques, without any prior knowledge and in almost any industry. Bypass the system and gain an almost unfair and insurmountable advantage over your competitors.

For most clients, we see not only more profit, but more joy in their work, happy staff, nicer customers, and all with perhaps even less effort than before.

A great story right? In case you don’t believe it.... if you are not satisfied, we will give your money back without any discussion.

I don’t think many others would dare guarantee this. You can always ask them of course.

"Marketing is not a trick to sell people something. Kevin has made me realise that a Brand makes sure you don't need a trick anymore".

Rémon Stompé Eigenaar, Solid Performance

"We have become more aware of our customers and now think and act from them instead of ourselves. The way of setting goals, both with the team and individually with the employees, provides much more input and involvement from everyone".

Marjolein Gelderblom Art Director, SET.ON kappers

"Kendrix really made me think about what my company stands for and why I do what I do. This has given my company its own identity. This creates a more trusting relationship with clients and more fun at work".

Adam van Buuren Eigenaar, Snelherstel

"Honest and direct! He does not say what you want to hear and that provides the right feedback for you to grow".

Steef van Schie Marketeer, Sjaak van Schie BV

"Kevin provides new insights into our company. He opens our eyes so that we can start doing business with a different perspective. It's very refreshing, it makes us want to do business even more effectively. He helps us and our beautiful team to grow! Both personally and on a business level.

Michelle von Oven Eigenaresse, Bistro de Herberg

"When you want to do anything with unrestrained ambitions, Kevin helps you discover what you really want."

Wesley Smits Eigenaar, Smits Coatings

"On a strategic level, Kendrix has guided and shaped Verdamigo into what it is today. Thanks to their knowledge and technique, we have developed a unique platform that wouldn't have been so well thought out and elaborated otherwise".

Mike van Schie Teeltspecialist, Verdamigo
Remon Stompé
Marjolein Gelderblom
Adam van Buuren
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Mike van Schie


Of course you understand that we can’t just do this for everyone, so this is how it works. First we have a 15 minute conversation, in which we search together for the biggest obstacle to your growth ambitions. We see if we can help you with that and if we fit together.

Is this the case? Then we’ll book a second session, this time of half an hour and it will still cost you nothing at all. During that session we will take a closer look at your company, spy on your competitors, do a market analysis and determine your goals.

Based on this information, we then create a free, customized, plan that incorporates what we think you need to achieve your goals.

Why do we do this for free? In general, people are so impressed with the process and satisfied with the result that they want to work with us. We also filter out the people who are really serious about working on their business, before we have to start a real partnership and pull a dead horse.

Please note that this is not a sales call. These are simply the same steps we regularly go through with existing paying clients.


Take your business to the next level with no prior knowledge, no help, just a different way of thinking.

No spam, just an informative document with knowledge that everyone should possess.

Titles and degrees won’t realise your growth ambitions. Get an unfair advantage by becoming a Better Business Builder.