Are you a Business Builder?

School and society teaches us to be a cog in the economic system. A business operator instead of a business builder. That’s why most of the business owners have a job at their own company.

If you want to build a better business, you’ve got to become a business builder. You need to be one that pushes the button instead of reacting to someone else’s actions. You need to be or have someone responsible for change, to make a change.

Who’s that person in your business?

Why Kendrix Exists

Why we exist

No one should settle for less than what they are capable of achieving. We want to help people develop themselves and empower them to do the things they dream of, so they can help others achieve the same.

We believe that companies should put as much effort into growing their people as they do into growing their bank accounts. When people grow and have a reason to stay, the company naturally grows with them.

Kendrix Growth System

Why we're different

Building a business for long-term success, for you and your employees, is primarily about balancing the key components that drive business growth. We have developed our growth framework to give you greater insight by creating overview. This framework enables every business builder to build bridges and push boundaries for sustainable growth.

Treating problems, not symptoms

Success comes from addressing the real problem. The grass always seems greener somewhere else, but it actually gets greener where you water it. We rely on science-based approaches, not your gut.

Use the power of contradictions

You don’t make a difference by doing the same thing as everyone else. General knowledge is not a general approach. Long-term results are often achieved precisely by doing the opposite of what you are attracted to in the short term.

Keep your focus and bypass the system

Don’t let the system influence you. You don’t need titles and degrees and only hire people when they actually pay it forward. We give you bullshit free and independent advice so you don’t waste any more time, money or effort.


What we do

We help you find and maintain a clear and consistent path to achieve your growth ambitions. Our masterclasses make it more affordable and efficient to get all the information you need to build a better business.

Our platforms and growth software help you automate what’s possible to focus on the next most important task. Remove doubts thanks to our growth help and community to keep you on track. Finally, we provide you with the tools and knowledge to build more capacity and handle anything that comes your way.

Where we stand for

Achieving remarkable results is not easy. For true growth, you need to be self-aware and hold yourself responsible for your own results, no matter what. The three things we value most building businesses: genuine growth, thinking for yourself and challenging yourself.

Genuine Growth

You want to make a difference and build a better business. An authentic and honest company that offers something of value that genuinely helps people.

Thinking for yourself

You try out for yourself what is and is not possible. You don't just use information, but think about what it means to you and how you can best apply it.

Keep your focus and bypass the system

You are open-minded and always looking for new opportunities to grow. You are positive, assertive and you persevere once you've decided what you want.


In just 15 minutes you will find out what adds the most value to your business and therefore what your next focus should be.


  • 2021 The term ‘Growth Company’ has reached new heights. The abnormal year of 2020 gave us lots of new opportunities. We’ve launched our new Growth System, entered a new and more productive office and are ready to help your business to make a difference!
  • 2020 Kendrix has made the switch to a 'growth company'. Our customers achieve more than ever before by unleashing their full potential, developing new business opportunities, performing better, scaling up and continuing to develop themselves and their companies.
  • 2019 We have more fun than ever and engage with next-level branding, platforms, strategies and prescriptive lead generation. We also embark on a partnership with health-enhancers with knowledge most have never heard before. These insights reveal many new possibilities.
  • 2018 We entered a beautiful new office and switched to being a marketing and consultancy agency. The additional products and services are now being realized in collaboration with our partners.
  • 2017 Kendrix has developed into a marketing agency that focuses on branding, websites and marketing. As a service we also supply all printed matter, company clothing and signage.
  • 2016 We entered a new and larger office and focussed on marketing services such as search engine optimization (SEO), user experience design (UX), conversion optimization (CRO), business strategies and lead generation.
  • 2015 We became a full-service web and advertising agency. We expanded our services by creating larger brands and also providing signing, corporate apparel and more.
  • 2014 Kendrix started as an agency that realized websites, corporate identities, printed matter and marketing campaigns.

Titles and degrees won’t realise your growth ambitions. Get an unfair advantage by becoming a Better Business Builder.